Most Popular Casino Games of ALL time

So we thought it might be cool to learn what the best casino games of all time are and share them with you. Today you will find them out and the reasons as to why they are the best of the best.



BLACKJACK - Most Popular Casino Games of ALL time
This is one of the most popular casino games of all time due to its simple nature and because of this it tends to draw in a large crowd. It is not as intimidating as some of the others because youre playing against only the dealer. It allows for bets both big and small so you can make it as exhilarating as you want. This is one of the casino games most often featured in movies too.



SLOT MACHINES - Most Popular Casino Games of ALL time
The slot machine has been on the casino scene all the way back since 1895 when invented by a simple car mechanic by the name of Charles Fay. The initial slot machines that were played were much simpler, called Liberty Bell. These machines require absolutely no skill to play and are based purely on the luck of the draw. They come in digital forms as well as the older manual forms. Although it has been said that most of the money is at the table games, slot machines have been proven to be the most commonly played games over all the rest. The most popular slot machine games include the liked of Iron Man 2, Cleopatra, Deal or No Deal and Lord of the Rings. Most slot machine games are based on popular movies and this is another factor adding to their popularity.



ROULETTE - Most Popular Casino Games of ALL time
The odds are completely left to chance with this casino game. You can choose from simple bets to some more challenging bets, but you can get a great return if that little ball sits on the number you have selected. The element of chance is what makes is so exciting and this is why it has remained so popular throughout the years. There are some strategies as to how to walk away with a big win like putting a lot of chips on the table, so that a large win can be realized from the individuals bets placed. This tactic can backfire though and leave you with empty pockets very quickly.

If you really want to give roulette a try, but are unsure about doing it in a real casino you can have a go online to see how the game works. Try this site and have a try:



POKER - Most Popular Casino Games of ALL time
This casino game is commonly featured in such films as James Bond movies and it is associated with class and sophistication. Poker is a game of skill and strategy and whilst understanding it is the first step, mastering the game is a whole new ball game. There are countless poker professionals that often compete in tournaments, both live in casinos and online too. There are many versions of this game and people from all ages love to play it.

When you get dealt your cards you must make your bets. The hand with the highest result walks away as the winner, but be careful because you may have someone bluffing their hand and walking away with your money.



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