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How Does Pay-Per-View Work in Boxing?

Have you ever wondered how pay-per-view boxing matches work? If so, then you’re in the right place. This dilemma has been on our minds lately so we decided to investigate. Read on, the answers may shock you!



Whatever the price point of each boxing match, the cable network that is presenting viewers with the opportunity to watch and the promotors take both around half of the revenue. In saying that let us have a look at some of the biggest pay per view matches throughout history.



FELIX TRINIDAD VERSUS OSCAR DE LA HOYA - How Does Pay-Per-View Work in Boxing?
This match resulted in $1.4 million while the revenue brought in over $71 million.



MIKE TYSON VERSUS PETER MCNELEY - How Does Pay-Per-View Work in Boxing?
Boxing giant Mike Tyson brought in the big guns with $1.58 million paid for pay per view buys, whilst the match itself gained a total of $63 million in revenue alone.



This popular match got almost $1.6 million in pay per view buys, but grossed $79 million in revenues.



ALVAREZ VERSUS MCGREGOR - How Does Pay-Per-View Work in Boxing?
The match itself had a pay per view buy in total of $1.7 million, but raised an estimated revenue of $120 million.



Pay per view buy ins were impressively high with $2.2 million, raising an even more impressive #150 million in revenues.



This match right here is the history of pay per view boxing up until today with a huge $4.6 million total of buys for pay per views, whilst gaining a revenue of $400 million dollars. This fight was dubbed the fight of the century and broke all previous records.

Floyd Mayweather at the moment holds the record as the biggest pay per view attraction in terms of boxing of all time with an approximate 19.5 million buys and totalling a jaw dropping $1.3 billion in revenue. Cable networks do not prefer the pay per view option as they say that it narrows down their audience drastically, but are left with no choice as boxers and promotors love this using this platform as they gain the most profit from it.



  • The actual sport dates back to ancient Greece, where it was made an Olympic sport way back in 688 BC
  • One of the most famous boxers of our time, Sugar Ray Robinson decided to back out from fighting his opponent due to a dream he had the night before. The dream involved him killing his opponent.
  • Only after persistent conviction from a priest and minister did he decide to attend the fight after all. After going into the ring only one of the fighters left alive, after Jimmy Doyle, his opponent was killed during the match.
  • An unofficial boxing match between a man and a bear occurred in 1945 and yes you guessed it, the bear won.

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The Background of Gambling


We go waaaay back to 2300 BC in Ancient China, where evidence was found of gambling. They used little round coins with squares cut out in the middle as a tool for a form of lottery. This form of gambling has been incredibly popular ever since and some of the most highly valued establishments have been built on lotteries, Harvard and Yale Universities are just a few worth a mention.



Around 500 BC is when gambling took off in both Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome, with the Europeans taking a liking to anything dice related. Ancient Rome banned all forms of gambling with8in the ancient city and imposed a hefty fine of four times the amount of the initial bet. Clever as that was, the Roman citizens outsmarted the government even at that time with the first invention of gambling chips. They argued, if caught by guards, that they were not gambling because they were not playing for money, but for chips instead. Clever, we must admit.



It has been widely accepted that the first form of playing cards came from China around the 9th Century and were believed to have little resemblance to the cards we use today. Some people believe that they were made out of paper and possibly used to play a form of dominos at the time.



Now the only game that you will still see in modern day casinos is the game of Baccarat and is thought to have been established a0round the 1400s. This game which was insanely popularboth in Italy and France at the time has grown to be a worldwide hit because it draws so many high rollers to it.



As early as the 17th Century is when we first saw signs of something resembling modern day casinos. This in fact occurred in Italy and presented a controlled gambling environment, during the carnival season. Later around the 19th Century casinos spread like wildfire all across Europe.

So there you have it folks, now you know where we saw the earliest signs of gambling and gaming. Although most of the ancient forms of gambling resemble nothing of that we are accustomed to today, you can see that the frame of thought was similar to ours even during modern times


a8c4077f58abda9453c2c48423608fa1 - The Background of Gambling

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Want To Know Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds? These Are The Top 5!

There are some misconceptions that are related to casinos and first time visitors often make the wrong decision as to which game they should play. People often steer clear of the tables thinking that more experienced players may take their winnings due to their vast card gaming abilities. In doing so they gravitate towards the slots and more often than not end up out of the winner’s chair.



BLACKJACK - Want To Know Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds? These Are The Top 5!
As you may already know blackjack has the best odds of winning from all the games available out there. It is said that at most casinos the house only has a 1% advantage over the player. Another great factor is that the only person you are playing against in this game is the dealer. If you happen to be new to the game and feel as though you are out of your depths it is recommended that you go in at a time when it is not busy, for example during the afternoon and walk through the process with the dealer.



CRAPS - Want To Know Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds? These Are The Top 5!
The general formation and physique of the craps table is often hugely intimidating to people, with all the boxed drawn on it and the people surrounding it. This should never be the case because you are essentially placing your bets on the roll of a dice. Craps is second best game in any casino when It comes to your odds, as your chances are fifty-fifty.



ROULETTE 1 - Want To Know Which Casino Games Have the Best Odds? These Are The Top 5!
Coming in third for your best odds in a casino is the roulette table, with an almost fifty-fifty chance that lady luck may play in your favor. You can choose from the two colors, either red or black and if the ball falls on your chosen color, you have just doubled your earnings. Of course you can take chance to a whole new level and bet on your favorite number, where your chances are much lower, but this also has a huge winning ratio of 36 to 1. Check out this website for more information on your chances for winning at roulette;

Next time you find yourself going for a spin at the casino it would be wise to follow the advice of some of the most experienced players and hang out at these tables. The trick to increasing your chances of winning is definitely by sticking to the table card games you can find in any casino. If you do not feel confident enough, you should take a while to observe how others play and get some tips to get started yourself.Have a look at a review of the best casino games to play;

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Best Online Casino Games You Can Play From Home

So if you love a round of poker or just cannot resist a spin of the roulette table, but cannot be bothered to make the trip all the way to your local casino, we have sop of the coolest casino games listed for your gambling pleasure. The best part? You can do it all from the comforts of your own home. Have a look at our favorites below.



CLEOPATRA - Best Online Casino Games You Can Play From Home
This slot game is full of vivid colors and fantastic graphics and currently it is thought to be amongst the best slot games in the world. Basically all you have to do is get five of the same images in a row on all five reels. You can bet with the smallest amounts to some really high hitting figures in order to better your chances.



LIVE BLACKJACK - Best Online Casino Games You Can Play From Home
Technology has really put a spin on gambling norms and blackjack is right up there with the best of them. The Live Blackjack that was created by Evolution Gaming goes one step further allowing you to play live against a dealer in real time with the help of your webcam so you can have the feeling of actually being in your favorite casino in person.



THREE CARD POKER - Best Online Casino Games You Can Play From Home
This fast paced game doesn’t wait for anyone. It is really popular due to the frequent winning and the easy nature of the game.



BONUS KENO - Best Online Casino Games You Can Play From Home
Created by the infamous NetEnt, this game is virtually a combination of both luck and your guessing abilities. Choose between two and ten numbers on the board out of eighty and watch the balls drop down to see if your bet created a winning combination. This game has an added bonus round which allows for all winnings to double automatically. Check it out here;



IMMERSIVE ROULETTE - Best Online Casino Games You Can Play From Home
You can really get the real experience of this roulette game from home. With numerous angles of play and a live dealer, you can feel as though you are in control by adjusting the camera angle to your liking. You can place bets from as little as $1 to a whopping $10,000. You also have the added special features of Favorite bets, Neighbor bets and Special bets too.

So there you have it friends. These are the top picks that we have chosen in regards to online casino gaming. Not only will you feel as though you are in the casino yourself, you don’t have to spend the time and money for the ride there. Just save it for your punts.


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Top 5 Casino Games You Should Try Out

With the revolution of the internet we know that you can play some of your favorite casino games online from the comforts of your home. That being said there is just that little something that makes us get excited when walking and taking a seat and relying on your skills face to face with the dealer. Check out the top five that made our list and decide for yourself which is your favorite.



CRAPS - Top 5 Casino Games You Should Try Out
This may seem like somewhat of a complicated game, but in essence it really has some of the best odds as a table game. Basically speaking people place their bets on the person rolling the two dice along the table. If you are the person rolling the dice you want to roll a total of 7 or 11, and if you do everyone that placed a bet on you wins even money. If you roll two, three or twelve those people lose their bets. There is more to this game, but these are the basics.



ROULETTE - Top 5 Casino Games You Should Try Out
This is a game of pure chance so if you are feeling extra lucky tonight then this is the game for you or alternatively if you are feeling lost this game is great for those just staring out and unsure of what they are doing. There are numerous bets that you can put down such as just picking the color it that little ball will land on, red or black or you can back a certain number or number that you may think it may land on.



BLACKJACK - Top 5 Casino Games You Should Try Out
Originally it is thought to come from France in the 185th century this is one of the best recognized casino games of all time. This is also fairly simple in the way that it is played. Basically you need to get as close to 21 with your cards without going over. This is one of the few games where some players can count cards, but this is not allowed and is a skill that not many people know how to do well. Those who do and get found out are more often than not kicked out of that casino.



PUNTO BLANCO - Top 5 Casino Games You Should Try Out
Otherwise known as Baccarat this card game is one of the most popular between players. You will often find that Baccarat tables are situated in a separate room in casinos away from the poker, blackjack, roulette and craps tables. This is a game where the individual placing the bet decides to back either the player or the banker depending on who they believe have the better hand. It is fairly simple and another great choice for beginners.



POKER - Top 5 Casino Games You Should Try Out
Known as one of the most difficult table card games to play, the trick is not really in the play itself, but rather the complexity of this game lies in the combination of strategy, skill and gambling. There are various types of poker and game play really depends on which style you are playing, with some of the more popular choices being Texas Hold ‘Em, 7 Card Stud, Omaha, 5 Card draw and High or Low Chicago. Check out the latest poker news here;

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The Top 3 US Casinos to Visit in 2018

It may or may not surprise you that the USA holds the record of the largest amount of casinos in the world, with around 1500 casinos spreading across the nation from one end to the other. So it comes as a logical conclusion that some of the best and biggest grossing casinos are also here in the United States. Today we go on the hunt for the top five you shouldn’t be missing.


Bellagio, Las Vegas, Nevada
PUNTO BLANCO - The Top 3 US Casinos to Visit in 2018

This is one of the beacons of Las Vegas, and if you’re not from there, but decide to take a trip to the lovely city, it would be a complete miss not to see this sight. Travelers from all over the world make their way over to cast their bets in this opulent casino. The Italian inspired architecture paired with the 8-acre lake and its famous fountains just screams luxury and elegance. Not only is it one of the largest casinos that you will find in Las Vegas, but was also featured in the hit movie Ocean’s Eleven.


Horseshoe Casino Tunica, Tunica, Mississippi
Horseshoe Casino Tunica - The Top 3 US Casinos to Visit in 2018
Not only will you have a ball at the casino, but the night life isn’t bad either with their Bluesville Showcase Nightclub really making it a night to remember in Mississippi. The casino itself is just a short ride from the infamous town of Memphis, so it gets a lot of traffic from some hard hitting casino lovers.


The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada
The Venetian - The Top 3 US Casinos to Visit in 2018
Who doesn’t love a comeback story? During the fall of the economy back in 2008 this casino faced its own crisis and was losing as much as $1,000 per second. Not only did it make a huge turn around, but it is now one of the highest grossing casinos in the country.

So there you have it folks, that is our pick for the year of 2018, make sure to visit one of these and let us know how you fared.

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